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Stud Contract
This contract was drawn up on 01/01/2020, between Sanchez Boxers (Angie Sanchez)
& .

The owner of stud is making the agreement with the owner(s) of said bitch as follows:

__XXX__The owner of the stud is offering the stud service for the fee of $      to be paid once breeding has taken place. Which $500 of this is a breeding fee and is non-refundable. The owner of the stud guarantees the breeding; if said bitch does not become pregnant a rebreeding at no charge will be given on the said bitch’s next heat cycle within a year’s time of the first breeding. Bitch owner will need to send proof of pregnancy to stud owner. This breeding is non-transferable and only one rebreeding will be offered to said bitch.  Two (2) puppies is considered a litter and would fulfill this agreement. 

_______The owner of the stud is offering the stud service for 1st  Pick of Litter of an AKC Full Registration puppy.  Two (2) puppies is considered a litter.  The owner of stud has first choice out of the litter and this includes first  pick of all puppies in the litter regardless of sex or color.  The owner of the stud also retains the right to wait to make their final decision until the puppies are 7-8 weeks old.

Stud Service Agreement
The stud dog will attempt to service the bitch a minimum of at least two times. Any free return service (as noted above) will be given ONLY to the bitch noted in this contract. Should said bitch die or become unable to conceive or carry a litter, the Stud Owner is no longer obligated to offer a free return service.

Should said stud die, or become unable to sire a litter, the owner of the stud retains the right to grant a free service (as noted above) to another of their studs.

Any puppy picked by Stud Owner will carry stud owners kennel name in its Registered name unless otherwise agreed upon..

Stud Owner's Responsibilities
The Stud Owner warrants that no other dog but the stud listed above will be introduced or bred to the above listed bitch. Special care and attention will be provided to ensure against any accidental breeding while the bitch is in residence of the Stud Owner.  (If the bitch is to take residence with the Stud Owner.)

The Stud Owner shall provide all reasonable care for said bitch while she is in the Stud Owner`s charge including feeding, water, exercise and affection. Every precaution will be taken to ensure against disease, injury, accident, loss, or death of the bitch. Stud Owner is not held responsible for any of the above occurrences.

The Stud Owner warrants that their dog is current on all vaccinations, worming and flea and tick control.
Stud Owner agrees to sign or approve litter registration in a timely manner once contract has been full filled. *Stud Owner recommends doing litter registration online to help speed up the process.

Breedings/Mating     ____/____/2020   ____/____/2020  ____/____/2020

Bitch Owner's Responsibilities

The owner(s) of the bitch is responsible for contacting the Stud Owner to state if mating failed to result in pregnancy. Failure to do so will result in nullification of this contract and no rebreeding will be provided.

The owner(s) of the bitch is responsible for contacting the stud owner within 72 hours of the birth of the litter. The owner(s) of bitch must inform the stud owner of the size of the litter, sex of living puppies, and color of puppies within 72 hours of the birth of the litter. When 2nd pick of the litter is chosen over stud fee, owner of the bitch understands the owner of the stud retains the right to view the litter at least two times before they are 7-8 weeks of age in order to access the litter and aid in their decision of second (2nd) pick of the litter.  The litter registration will be completed after the second pick of the litter is picked up at or around 8 weeks of age and after owner of bitch and litter has taken the litter to the veterinarian for their first health check and vaccinations.  The owner of the stud retains the right to have the puppy they choose inspected by their personal veterinarian before the agreement is considered final.  If the stud owner’s veterinarian finds anything wrong with the chosen puppy then the stud owner retains the right to return the puppy to litter owner and choose another puppy.  The owner of the bitch and litter is responsible to send the chosen puppy's AKC registration papers to stud owner within two weeks of the finalization of the litter application.  Once the puppy's AKC papers are received, then the agreement will be considered complete.

The litter must be taken to the veterinarian at 6-7 weeks of age for a complete examination, deworming and 1st vaccines.  Each puppy should have an examination statement supplied by Bitch Owner's vet noting any abnormalities or health concerns and also a vaccination/deworming record.

Agrees that NO puppies in said litter will be "promised", kept or sold until Stud Owner has made their pick. Stud Owner does agree to make a pick in the timeliest fashion possible. Bitch Owner does understand that "show potential" is usually evaluated between 6 to 8wks of age.

Bitch Owner warrants that the bitch listed and described above is current on all vaccinations, and is free of all worms, fleas and ticks. Said bitch has been tested for Brucellosis and found to be negative within 15 days prior to coming to the stud dogs home. Bitch Owner is responsible for all shipping costs of the said bitch to and from the Stud  Owner`s premises.

Bitch Owner warrants that the above listed and described bitch has not been introduced to any other males at any time during this current heat cycle and could not have been bred by any other male prior to the forwarding to Stud Owner`s facilities. Bitch Owner also guarantees this bitch will not be exposed to any other males after this breeding upon her return home. All care will be taken by Bitch Owner to prevent contact until such time as her heat cycle ends.

Bitch Owner will supply Stud Owner with enough food for the bitch while in the care of Stud Owner.

Bitch Owner agrees to furnish Stud Owner with the copy of the Negative Brucellosis Test results. Stud owner will need copies of any health testing and pedigree if puppy is owed back.
Litter Terms

All puppies tails and dewclaws will be removed in conformance with the AKC/ABC conformation standard on/before puppies are one week old at the Bitch Owner’s expense.

All white and disqualifying mis-marked/checked puppies will be sold as pets with limited registration and spay/neuter contracts only. All other pet quality puppies will also be sold with limited registration and spay/neuter contracts only.

Bitch Owner warrants that ABSOLUTELY NO puppies from this breeding will be sold into or by the commercial dog market. This includes but is not limited to Brokers, Research Labs/Facilities, Pet Stores, Puppy Mills, and Mall stores. Failure to ensure this on the part of the Bitch Owner could result in suit of damages.
Bitch Owner warrants that ABSOLUTELY NO puppies from this breeding will be released to or handed into any Shelter, SPCA, Humane Society, or Rescue Organization. Bitch owner agrees to take back any puppies that families can’t keep. If bitch owner can’t take puppy/dog back they must infor stud owner. Stud owner will take puppy back and help find a home for them.

Bitch owner Agrees all puppies not kept SOLELY by Bitch Owner will be placed into "Pet" homes with Limited Registration and Spay/Neuter Contracts. *Any puppy that Bitch Owner feels is a show potential puppy needs to be brought to Stud Owner's attention for evaluation. Pictures for such evaluation by Stud Owner should be sent in a timely fashion. If Stud Owner agrees that said puppy is a show potential puppy then Stud Owner will help with placement of said puppy into a show home. This is in efforts to preserve and protect the Stud's lines, pedigree and the name of Stud Owner. ANY PUPPY KEPT BY BITCH OWNER FROM THIS BREEDING WILL HAVE TO BE SHOWN. IF YOU CAN’T DO IT CONTACT STUD OWNER. AS STUD OWNER MAY BE ABLE TO. 

Bitch Owner will supply Stud Owner with color photographs of all surviving puppies of this litter, and the names and addresses of all new puppy owners of this litter in a timely manner as they are sold.

It is also agreed and understood by both parties that any and all money, paperwork, requirements that are not sent in a timely manner or not met, will be considered breach of this contract and thus, Stud Owner has no obligation to sign the applicable litter registration papers until requirements are met by the Bitch Owner.

 Failure to abide by terms stated in this contract will result in court action. Damages sought will be $3000 for the Stud Service and Stud Owner's time invested in this contract and handling of the breeding services plus an additional $2000 for each pup sold.

The signatures below constitute agreement of the above listed terms by both the Stud Owner and Bitch Owner. Any legal action taken by either party pertaining to this contract will be done in the State of Texas in Harris County.

I (we) the owner(s) of the bitch hereby certify that we have read this contract, understand its complete contents, and agree to it fully. 

Kennel Name

Bitch owner name





Bitch owner signature   & Date           

Sanchez Boxers
Angie Sanchez
4434 Burkegate Dr.
Spring, Tx 77373
(281) 203-2007

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