This is our 4th keeper puppy. She is super sweet, loving, Smart and spunky. She is the daughter of our 1st keeper Diva. I hope she and I can achieve what Diva and I have. She has done so much in her 1st yr of life. Miss Chiquis  page will be updated as time goes by. Want to say a big Thanks to Tracie Weatherford of Troubadour Boxers for letting me bring Diva to Trooper.

Completed her puppy obedience class Sept 5, 2019
Completed her Basic  Obedience Class Aug 22, 2020
Completed Basic 2 Obedience  Class Oct 1, 2020
Completed her Level 1 Internatinal Canine Ninja Sept 21, 2019
Completed her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Nov 17, 2019
Completed her AKC Trick Novice Title Nov 17, 2019
Completed her Master Canine Ninja Nov.27, 2019.
Completed her Level 2 International Canine Ninja Dec 15, 2019
Completed her Ultimate Canine Ninja Dec 24, 2019
Completed her Rally Novice title Jan 26, 2020
Completed her UKC Champion March 7, 2020
Completed her UKC Rally Level 1 title Sept 6, 2020

Registered Name: Sanchez's Covert Affairs

AKC#: WS64707803

UKC#: P905-559

CSI#: CSI19004102

IABCA#: 42294

Call Name: Chiquis

DOB: April 21,2019

Champion Bloodline: YES

Champion SIre & Dam: YES

Sire: Int Ch. Weatherford's Texas Troubador  

 (Int Ch. Gentry's Beam Me Up X Katie Weatherford)

Dam: Multi Ch. La Diva Box Von Sanchez CAA FCAT2 TKN CGCA CGCU FDC 2K9 ICN UND53 RCNA

(Fausto Di Villa Hunnicum X Multi Ch. Rosabella Box Von Sanchez)

Mom of Our "U" Litter & Keeper Sanchez's Cover Girl

Health Testing Results:
All results are posted on

ARVC1: Negative  (NC State)

ARVC2: Hetrozygous N/A (NC State) 

DM: N/N Negative (Gensol)

Echo: Normal 1.86 Flow Rate (Cardiologist) 10/2020

Echo: Normal 1.85 Flow Rate (Cardiologist) 02/2022

Holter: Normal All 0's 01/2022

Thyroid: Normal (OFA)

Hips: Good (OFA)

Elbows: Normal (OFA)

CHIC# 167557 (OFA)

Titles Held:

UKC 2020 Top Ten Boxers #9
UKC Champion
UKC Grand Champion
UKC Emerald Grand Champion  
UKC Rally Level 1 Champion (URO1) 

IABCA International BA Champion
IABCA National BA Champion
IABCA Honors BA Champion 

AKC Trick Novice (TKN)
AKC Trick Intermediate (TKI)
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
AKC Canine Good Citizen Advance (CGCA)
AKC Canine Good Citizen Urban (CGCU)
AKC Virtual Home Manners (VHMA)
AKC Coursing Ability (CA)
AKC Coursing Ability (CAA)
AKC Farm Dog Certified (FDC)
AKC Fit Dog Bronze (FITB)
AKC Fit Dog Silver (FITS)

ICE National Jr Champion 
ICE International Jr Champion 
ICE International Bronze Jr. Champion
ICE Honors Bronze Champion 
ICE Honors Silver Champion

ICE Best In Show Adult
ICE Gold Cup Reserve Winner 
ICE Universal Dog #43
ICE Rally Novice A Champion 
ICE International Canine Ninja Level 1 x2
ICE International Canine Ninja Level 2 
ICE International Canine Master Ninja Level 1
ICE International Canine Ultimate Ninja Level 1
ICE Int Canine Ninja Specialist "2ft on"
ICE Int Canine Ninja Specialist "4ft on"
ICE Int Canine Ninja Specialist "Under"
ICE Int Canine Ninja Specialist "In"
ICE Int Canine Ninja Specialist "Through"
ICE Int Canine Ninja Specialist  "2skills/2objects"
ICE Cross Country Hiking Level 1
ICE Cross Country Packing Hike Level 1
ICE Cross Country Harness Level 1 
ICE Cross Country Champion Level 1

Dog Parkour UK DPUK-BEFL1
Dog Parkour UK DPUK-BEFL2

DMWYD Novice Trick Dog
DMWYD Novice Trick Dog Master 
DMWYD Intermediate Trick Dog
DMWYD Advance Trick Dog
DMWYD Fitness (2K9)
DMWYD Triple Threat (T3)

Important Docs:
sanchez's covert affairs
Sanchez's Covert Affairs

Show Results:

2019 Lone Star Autumn Sieger Sept 14-15, 2019
S1: SG1, BOB, BOB BBX, Group 2, Group 2 BBX (Robin Hug)
S2: SG1, BOB, BOB BBX, Group 2, Group 2 BBX (Jean Pero)
S3: SG1, BOB, BOB BBX, Group 2, Group 2 BBX (Felicity Trammell)
S4: SG1, (Pamela Wilson)
Express: SG1 (Tim Robbins)

2019 LoneStar Autumn Grand Prix Nov 16-17, 2019
S1: SG2, 2nd In class, BOB BBX, Group 2 BBX (Prudence Hlatky)
S2: SG2, 2nd in class, BOB BBX, Group 2 BBX (Jack Grimes)
S3:SG1, 2nd in class, BOB BBX, Group 2 BBX (Britt Jung)
S4: SG1, 2nd in class, BOB BBX, Group 2 BBX (Judy Bennett)
Petite A: SG1 (Beth Riley) Petite B: SG1 (Prudence Hlatky)
Canine Good Citizen, AKC Trick Novice

2020 ICE Winter Grand Prix Jan 25-26 2020
Rally R2 3rd place
Rally R3 2nd Place
Rally R4 1st place

UDOG UKC Show Longview, TX Feb 1-2 2020
S1: 1st in Class, Best Female, BOB, Group 2 (Teresa Kocher)
S2: 1st in Class, Best Female (Karyn Colman)
S3: 1st in Class, Best Female (Rick Gann)
S4: 1st in Class, Best Female (Melissa Kidd)

UKC Show Addison, Tx Mar 7-8 2020
S1: 1st B/H, BF (Ronnie Junkins)
S2: 1st Ch, (Alan Krenek)
S3: 1st Ch, (Kevin Izard-Carroll)

UKC Show Selma, Tx Sept 5-6,2020
S1:Reserve Champion (Tracy Kallas) Total Dog Award
S2: 3rd Champion (John Booth)
S3: 1st in Champion (Barbara Trammell) Total Dog Award
S4: Reserve Champion (Tracy Doty)
Rally 1 Q(84), 3rd place Rally 2 Q (72), 3rd Place
Rally 3. Q (79) Rally 4 NQ (my fault)
Rally Judge :Elizabeth McCarthy

UKC Show Hutchinson, KS Oct 9-11, 2020
S1: Champion (Tina Camp)
S2: Champion (Tracy Doty)
S3: Champion (Anne Kieffer)
S4: Champion (Lynn Martin) (Final win needed for Grand Champion)
Earn her SPOT title
S5: Reserve Champion (Felicity Trammell)
S6: Champion (Barbara Trammell)

UKC Show Paris, Tx Oct 31-Nov1, 2020
S1: Grand Champion (Matthew Proctor)
S2: Grand Champion, BOB, Group 1 (Katherine Short)
S3: Grand Champion (Paul Bruneau)
S4: Grand Champion, BOB, Group 2 (Glenda Bruneau)

UKC Show Addison, Tx March 13, 2021
S1: 1st Grand Champion (Barbara Trammell)
S2: 1st Grand Champion (Ronny Junkins)

UKC Show Norman, OK May 1-2, 2021
S1: 1st GrCh, BOB, G1 (Helena Engelauf)
S2: Reserve GrCh (Kathrine Short)
S3: No Placement (David Arthur)
S4: No Placement (John Booth)

UKC Show Canton, Tx May 28-30, 2021
S1: 1st GrCh. (Lew Olsen)
S2: 3rd GrCh (Debbie Mitchell)
S3: 3rd GrCh (Lynn Martin)
S4: 3rd GrCh (Matthew Proctor)

ICE Dog Show Alvarado, Tx June 5-6, 2021
S1: V1, 1st In Class (Ronny Junkins)
S2: V1, 1st In Class (Randall Sheets)
S3: V1, 1st In Class (Mike Loller)
S4: V1, 1st, BOB, Group 1 (Nelson Huber) BIS Adult (Randall Sheets/Ronny Junkins)
Petite A: V1 (Theresa Sanders-Milan)
Petite B: V1 (Nancy Ridgeway)
Gold Cup: Reserve Winner

Dripping Springs, Tx UKC Show 9/10-11/22
S1: No Love
S2: 1st Grand Class, BOB, Group2 (Anne Kieffer)
S3: Reserve Grand Champion (Alan Krenek)
S4: 1st Grand Class (Nina Marie Sherrer)

High Plains Kennel Club UKC Show Kiowa, CO July 15-16, 2023
S1: Reserve Grand Champion (Larry P. Hansen)
S2: Grand Champion (Gary Anderson)
S3: Reserve Grand Champion (Michelle Blackowl-Chavez)
S4: Grand Champion & BOB (Lynn Martin)
Earned Her Emerald Grand Champion

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