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         Hi! Let me tell you a little about us here at Sanchez Boxers. My name is Angie Sanchez. Boxers are my passion. I love fell in love with this amazing breed in 2006 when my husband bought home our 1st boxer from a friend that was moving and couldn't keep her. I can't imagine ever owning another breed. I'm mom to 4 kids, ages 15-22. All our dogs and puppies have daily interactions with the whole family. We started out just like everyone else not knowing a lot. We started researching the history of the breed. Asking other breeders lots of questions. We also struck up a good relationship with our Vet. We bred and had puppies for a few years before we discovered the German (Euro) boxer which we fell in love with. That's not to say that the american boxers aren't awesome as well. I decided that if i was going to do this I was going to do it right. So our 1st German (Euro) male we got in 2011 Started our new lines. We began health testing. Thanks for Paula Vandervoort for having a great talk with me about all the health test needed for boxers. It was my dream to show my boxers. So in 2012 we began showing. Which was a whole different learning experience. Never knew I would love to show as much as I have. I don't plan on stopping there. I find that I love working and training my dogs.Well I finally got my wish. Multi Ch. La Diva Box Von Sanchez is our 1st bred by keeper to help me over come alot in the show ring. She has so much fun in the ring. I love her more than she knows. She help build my confidence to step out in the show ring and have a good time win or lose. When she was bred we had high hopes for our keeper from her. 2019 changed everything for us in dog sports. We welcomed our 3rd keeper Chiquis to the family her mom is our Diva. Chiquis proved to be so versatile. She will do conformation, but loves to be working. She introduced us to trying a bunch of new things. CGC, Trick, Canine Ninja, Rally, Fast Cat And Obedience. She has proven that she can do it all.  I love helping fellow boxer lovers. Don't hesitate to message me. 

        Our main goal is to breed for conformation, temperment and health. To raise boxers that have great personalities, well socialized, and that comes from strong bloodlines. We have 1 or 2 litters a year. All our dogs are AKC registered. All our dogs and puppies are raised inside our home around other dogs and children. They are played with daily. When we started the adventure of Dog Show Competitions. AKC, UKC, ICE and IABCA. We still have alot to learn but we are having a blast . Meeting alot of really nice boxer people. That is the only way to describe them. They love the breed as much as we do if not more.

        We would like to thank you for stopping by. If you have any Questions or would like a puppy contact us anytime. Always happy to talk to another Boxer lover.

        You can also check out our facebook page for our dogs. You will see pic's of the puppies as they grow from tiny lil baby 1st born and each week as they get bigger until they leave our care.

www.facebook.com/sanchezboxers  or our like page https://www.facebook.com/boxvonsanchez/

La Diva Box Von Sanchez
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